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Tariff Calculation
Trace System
Condition of Carriage
Completing a OCS Cargo Receipt (CWB)
02.gif (132 bytes) Select our service. Tick "Document" for Document Service or "Non-Document " for Parcel service.
02.gif (132 bytes) Total Declared Value for customs purpose.
03.gif (129 bytes) Your Shipper Account number, leave it blank if you are a new user.
04.gif (125 bytes) Shipper Company Name
05.gif (128 bytes) Shipper Contact Name
06.gif (132 bytes) Shipper Address
07.gif (126 bytes) Shipper’s Phone number
08.gif (131 bytes) Select the payment mode ”Shipper” for prepaid mode or “Importer” from collect mode.
09.gif (126 bytes) Select the party who will bear the import duties if charged by destination customs.
10.gif (136 bytes) Any reference of your own
11.gif (136 bytes) Receiver Company Name
12.gif (136 bytes) Receiver Contact Name
13.gif (136 bytes) Receiver Address
14.gif (136 bytes) Receiver Phone number
15.gif (136 bytes) If importer is different from Receiver. Please click here.
16.gif (136 bytes) Dimension: Volumetric charge will be applied to any consignment with weight calculation of volume greater than 5000cu. cm per kg. (i.e. L x W x H ÷ 5000cu. cm greater than the actual weight)
17.gif (136 bytes) Number of packages
18.gif (136 bytes) Total weight of packages
* Other columns to be completed by OCS.
Information & Instruction to complete your SPS SHIPMENT
(pdf format: 38kb)
1 Please fill out the SPS SWB (Cargo Receipt) with typewriter, and stamp with the company stamp.
2 Five copies of commercial invoices must be attached with your SPS CWB (Cargo Receipt).
3 Commercial invoice must include the followings:
02.gif (132 bytes) Shipping date
02.gif (132 bytes) CWB (Cargo Receipt) number
03.gif (129 bytes) Importer's name and address
04.gif (125 bytes) Number of packages
05.gif (128 bytes) Description
06.gif (132 bytes) Quantity
07.gif (126 bytes) Unit Price
08.gif (131 bytes) Amount
09.gif (126 bytes) Total Value
10.gif (136 bytes) Country of Origin (If required)
03.gif (129 bytes) Shipper's name and address / Authorised signature
11.gif (129 bytes) If receiving party is different from Importer 03.gif (129 bytes), please click here.
4 Appropriate documents, like export license and C.O. must be accompanied with your SPS shipment. (If required)
5 Maximum measurement of your individual parcel must not exceed a total of 62 in. (157cm)
i.e. L+W+H. Also the  maximum length of each side should not exceed 36 in (91 cm).
6 Customs declaration must be lodged by shipper, flight information shall refer to OCS for details.
Tel: 2362-2838
(pdf format: 88kb)
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