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Document Service (DOC)

This service is recommended about dispatch of operating documents, such as an important contract.
Only by writing down necessary information in the air way bill(cargo receipt )of our company, our company does door-to-door transportation.
An invoice is unnecessary.

Parcel Service (SPS)
  We send baggage, such as a sample product, and large-sized cargo of more than 100 KG to major cities around the world by door to door.
Our company can use not only about no commercial value sample but about cargo.
Since service of our company is not transportation between airports (port stop), a synthetic logistic innovation is realizable.
Tariff is here.
Please understand that there are items which it cannot deal with in part.
It is in detail here.
Moreover, our company does total support also with the unaccompanied luggage in the case of return to its post.
Please do not hesitate to ask.
The Reference of a Courier Service
  When some unknown things occur about a courier, please do not hesitate to ask.
  For further details, please call to our customer service
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